La Tierra del Jaguar

Natural Building

Current construction methods in the community rely heavily on the use of concrete. The cement industry is responsible for approximately 8% of carbon emissions that lead to global warming.

To put this in perspective, if the concrete industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide, only behind the United States and China!

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We are working with the community to design and construct buildings using natural and recycled materials found in the area. Helping people build energy efficient, low cost, reduced carbon structures assists in reducing negative impacts of humans on the environment. 

Benefits of Natural Building

  • Earthbag and straw bale buildings have a high insulation factor, reducing the need for heating and cooling
  • Natural building contains fewer toxins, creating a healthier indoor environment
  • Structures are easily adaptable to a changing environment
  • The use of local clay, sand, and straw (an agricultural by-product) creates a low carbon footprint

Straight from the horse's mouth

….well actually it’s from the other end. We use as many local and recycled products as possible in our construction, including manure! Horse manure is dried and mixed with clay and sand to create a finish plaster. The finely ground fiber makes for a smooth finish and the enzymes provide added weather resistance.