La Tierra del Jaguar

Demonstration Site

Located on 25 acres along the Sahuaripa River and easily accessible to surrounding communities, the demonstration site is an ideal location to showcase the benefits of restoration. Agricultural, thornscrub and riparian areas present solutions to restore a variety of habitats found in the region.

La Tierra’s demonstration site is a valuable resource for community learning and engagement with nature.

Classroom and Workshop

La Tierra del Jaguar is constructing a solar powered, earthbag classroom and workshop. This facility is made from 70% recycled and natural
materials. Increased use of natural building in the region will reduce the reliance on carbon heavy concrete, the current preferred construction material.

Grown From Need

Presenting Solutions for Communities and Nature

Restoration projects take time and do not have immediate rewards, requiring a long-range view that might be hard for ranchers to envision when pitted against immediate, day-to-day needs. By inviting the community to see and experience regenerative practices in action, we increase understanding of the benefits.

La Tierra’s demonstration site and workshops show ranchers real solutions that are possible on their land.

Species Spotlight

Flora and Fauna at La Tierra del Jaguar

A number of rare, threatened and endemic species of interest have been documented on the site including Neotropical river otter, spotted box turtle, bald eagle, military macaw, squirrel and yellow billed cuckoos, and common black hawk

Nocturnal Neighbors

Common Black Hawk

Neotropical River Otter

Rio Sahuaripa

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