La Tierra del Jaguar

Grown from Need

Your gift to secure a regenerative future in the land of the jaguar

The extractive use of the land puts the jaguar and people at odds. Changing agricultural practices and increasing appreciation for nature is key to long term species survival. You have the power to secure a future for jaguars. Consider making a monthly gift to help sustain our work in the land of the jaguar

La Tierra del Jaguar is a registered 501c3 nonprofit EIN #83-3934588

Workplace and Corporate Giving

Does your employer offer matching gifts? Take advantage of workplace giving and increase your impact! Talk with your Human Resources department about making a gift to La Tierra del Jaguar. 

La Tierra del Jaguar is a registered charity on Benevity.

Wish List

Make an in-kind gift to support our work with youth and adult education programs, growing the demonstration site, and species documentation.

  • Battery Bank ($3,700)– Support our work by providing a reliable and continuous power supply for educational activities and workshop operations. Charged by solar panels, this battery will keep the off-grid demonstration site humming with activity.
  • Lamotte soil test kit ($1,200)– This soil test kit enables us to analyze the nutrient composition, pH levels, and overall health of the soil on the lands we are restoring. By providing detailed insights into soil conditions, it helps us make informed decisions about appropriate plant selection and necessary soil amendments to improve fertility. 
  • Electric Fencing ($250)– Electric fencing provides a flexible and adjustable boundary system to control livestock movement. This ensures that different pasture areas are grazed in a planned sequence, promoting vegetation recovery, preventing overgrazing, and improving overall pasture health and productivity.
  • Lowes and Ace Hardware Gift Cards (any amount)– We are always in need of building materials for the demonstration site and tools for restoration work, help keep our La Tierra del Jaguar growing!
  • Michael’s Crafts and Joann Fabrics Gift Cards (any amount)– Support our youth environmental education classes with craft supplies, help kids build connections to nature and express themselves through art.

Please contact for more information