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We are a team of change-makers who believe that effective conservation can not be achieved without involving the people and meeting their needs.

Our approach

Solutions for Communities and Nature

Our approach to jaguar conservation involves working with people to meet their needs. By providing education and technical assistance on implementing regenerative systems, we can restore land, diversify income, and improve jaguar habitat.


Education is an integral part of building resilient communities aligned with nature. We offer free, inclusive workshops and classes to youth and adults in underserved communities.

Making sure individuals feel supported, included, and empowered in the process is key to our success.

By working with community stakeholders, we develop agroforestry solutions tailored to their individual ecological and economic needs. We offer technical assistance and incentives for restoration implementation on private land.

Creating community buy-in of restoration practices is critical to ecosystem recovery and jaguar habitat protection.

How can regenerative agriculture protect the jaguar?

Generations have been sold the idea that the land and nature are things that should be dominated by humans. Years of extractive agricultural practices, pesticides and chemical inputs have depleted the soils, the land can no longer keep up with the economic needs of the people. Current practices leave little space for nature and limit the jaguars preferred prey species, leading to jaguar-livestock conflict and retaliation by ranchers. The climate crisis only exacerbates tensions between big cats and ranchers trying to survive in a changing landscape. 

Regenerative agriculture breaks down the concept of ‘humans over nature’ and changes it to ‘humans with nature’. Shifting communities mindsets on perceived threats (i.e “What is this and how do we kill it”) to opportunities (i.e. “What is this and how can we work with it”) is essential to restoring functional ecosystems.  

Better land management practices, along with creating abundant and resilient systems using native species increases jaguar habitat and connectivity. With reduced livestock loss, increased income from diversified products, and healthier ecosystems, communities will realize the benefits of protecting nature and the presence of the jaguar.

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