Heal the Land

Help the People

Save the Jaguar

We must heal the land and
change our relationship with it
to save Jaguars and all life

You can help people transform
the problem to the solution
for the Jaguar and the planet

Jaguars are in danger.
Learn about the lands they wander
and the dangers they face

YOU can
Save the Jaguar
by Healing the Land and
Helping the People

Jaguars are in danger of extinction. This is not due to acts of nature; it is due to humans and our actions, most notably due to current agriculture systems. What is needed is a diffusion of knowledge about large-scale landscape restoration, regenerative agriculture, permaculture principles, crop diversity, rotational grazing, and a cultural shift so the jaguar is respected and seen as good for the environment and the economy and not just a competitor for resources. Learn More

Standing on a peak in Tucson, Arizona, looking over the Jaguars’ northernmost reaches, your view of what is needed for Jaguar conservation is very different than it is from the remote ranges where breeding populations still exist near Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico.

From that peak, you get a global view of the environmental and ecological threats to the Jaguar and all life in the border region and the world. This is the Land of the Jaguar.

When you are in the remote cradle of the Jaguar you see the need for a demonstration site. A place to teach and implement landscape restoration and regenerative agriculture techniques. By working directly with locals, we help people and nature work together towards healing our ecosystems. This is La Tierra del Jaguar.



History of the Problem

Jaguars are in danger due to humans and human actions. One of only three male jaguars who have recently been spotted in the US was killed by a hunter hired by a rancher. The problem is systemic; humans who depend on the land (land that is already degraded due to previous generational use) are at odds with nature due to an extractive model of land use.

The World Today

Trash, pollution, deforestation, and extinction are destroying the very ecosystem that gives us life. Things are so bad that Sustainable is seen as radical and out of reach, but sustainable is too short a reach. We must reach for Regenerative in all we do! This is your opportunity to join us and get involved.

Our Solution

The jaguar is at risk due to people. This is not a condemnation of the individuals. Ranchers and farmers are some of the noblest people on earth. However, the methods commonly used are not sustainable and are definitely not regenerative. In these rural areas there are few economic opportunities, so much so that most young people move away to the cities or north in search of the “American Dream”. It’s a nightmare!

YOU have the Power to
Save the Jaguar
by Healing the Land and
Helping the People!