Whats the Problem? Our Solution?

The jaguar is at risk mostly due to human activity and primarily agriculture. This is not a condemnation of the individuals. Ranchers and farmers are some of the noblest people on earth. However, the methods commonly used are not sustainable and are definitely not regenerative. In these rural areas there are few economic opportunities, so much so that most young people move away to the cities or north in search of the “American Dream”. It’s a nightmare!

With little economic opportunity if just one head of cattle is lost it is a major impact on these noble people and often they resort to the only thing they know, Kill that cat! A major change must come.

The current reality is one of scarcity. Years of exploitative agriculture have left rangeland barren and eroded. People’s economic needs have skyrocketed while employment and income opportunities have stagnated at best. Randy’s diversity of experience let him see through this to the enormous potential for abundance for this region. The natural resources are exceptional and with the right education and opportunities as well as a path to market for products this region can be highly productive and export products as well as importing opportunities and employment.