The World Today

We live in a time where trash, pollution, deforestation, and extinction are destroying the very ecosystem that gives us life. Not only that but these forces are largely unchecked and many are even ramping up. It would be easy to become disillusioned and give up, but I urge you to stay the course and amp up your impact!
In our current world, things are so bad that Sustainable is seen as radical and out of reach. But we know that sustainable is too short a reach, we must reach for Regenerative in all we do. Sustainable still leaves a stain without working towards regenerative practices in all we do we will suffocate on our excess.

This is your opportunity, no, call to arms! Join us in standing up and getting involved!

We are creating a regenerative agriculture farm and demonstration site in the realm of the northernmost breeding population of Jaguars in the world. The founder of La Tierra del Jaguar, Randy Young was hired to manage the jaguar reserve for Northern Jaguar Project and was honored to do that work for three and a half years. During that time he made lots of close ties to the community and saw a great need.

You see the jaguar is at risk mostly due to human activity and primarily agriculture. This is not a condemnation of the individuals. Ranchers and farmers are some of the noblest people on earth. However, the methods commonly used are not sustainable and are definitely not regenerative. In these rural areas there are few economic opportunities, so much so that most young people move away to the cities or north in search of the “American Dream”. It’s a nightmare!

With little economic opportunity if just one head of cattle is lost it is a major impact on these noble people and often they resort to the only thing they know, Kill that cat! A major change must come.