We must help the people if we are to stop and reverse these threats faced by jaguars and all life. Although people have created the problem they are also our only hope.  We must work compassionately to re-educate each other to appreciate and partner with nature. The skills techniques and changes needed to save the jaguar are the same ones needed to stop and reverse the effects of climate change. Together we can change the world.

Your Gift will Help the People
By Empowering them to Help
themselves and Heal the Planet

When you look at the reasons we need to save the jaguar, humanity, and life as we know it, it’s undeniable that humans and human actions are to blame. Since livestock is literally the lifeblood of many ranching and farming operations, the loss of a single animal can be devastating to a family that makes its living based on agricultural yield. With overgrazed lands unable to provide previous results, other herbivores are killed as competition for grass. As natural prey animals are depleted, jaguars are increasingly forced to look to domesticated animals as a potential food source. It is not uncommon for farmers and ranchers to take action to kill predators as soon as their presence is detected. Poisons are often used that are deadly to the targeted animals and any wildlife that might come in contact with them.

Through regenerative agriculture techniques, this region can go from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance.


La Tierra del Jaguar’s mission involves spreading efficient, replicable, scalable, self-sustaining systems. After adopting these strategies, people and communities will feel their benefits. From implementing regenerative techniques on their land to product sales and ecotourism, this will help show the value of alternative skills and systems. The result will be a cultural shift towards abundance and appreciation of nature and the jaguar.


We will have workshops in each of the techniques we utilize. By focusing on creating replicable collectives other communities and reserves will learn and implement these strategies. They, like La Tierra del Jaguar, will become self-sustaining and eventually regenerative. Together we will continue to create programs and products that alleviate financial difficulties and create an appreciation for the jaguar and all it means for the community.