Be the Change

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Do you see that as just another phrase?
Or do you see it as a personal challenge?

We not only see it as a challenge. …. We rise to meet it!

Our founder was living his challenge as manager of a jaguar reserve for Northern Jaguar Project and saw a change was needed.  So he left the job but not the mission, and answered the call again to be that change.
When the first nature reserve was created in 1821 there was still more nature than human occupied lands. In our current world it is a patchwork of nature and human settlements.

Our current concept of nature reserves have become in essence big zoos separated by nearly impassible human settlements. The result is isolation of populations and possible extinction from inbreeding. We must rethink our conservation mindset. Reserves are a critical element in conservation, but only by working with people to address human needs in a way that respects and benefits nature can we hope to preserve nature.
Our mission is to create a demonstration site, farm and school, to address agricultural practices, economic, and employment needs in the land of the jaguar.